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Can you play with a single character?

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 I was wondering if it's possible for players to complete the game while using only your main character. I understand that a lot of these kind of games are suppose to be played with a group of characters. However, I was wondering if its even possible to go around solo.


 I personally like to invest in choices for just a single character, I tend to have a really hard time focusing on what every character is suppose to do, and keeping track of how i had planned to level up every single character in the party. Also, when you have like a 6 man party your main character kinda boils in the middle and loses its identity. I kinda stop feeling like that is my character in the world and i'm just playing multiple characters at the same time.


 Don't get my wrong, I'm not complaining about these mechanics, they are purely rightful of being in the game, and this is totally my problem. I'm just wondering if the possibility for "lone wolf" gameplay is in the game. Either that, or being able to program your companions like in the "Dragon Age" series would be pretty neat. That's actually one of the reasons that made the 1st Dragon Age a really enjoyable experience for me. It felt like I was playing co-op with the AI, giving my companions even more personality. 


 Thanks for reading.

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You can play a solo character, but it's going to be difficult on higher difficulties.

I imagine you could finish the game with some difficulty on Casual/Easy with a Solo character and lots of reloads. But as you climb in the difficulty options it's probably going to get tougher and tougher, but that doesn't mean that people will try it and perhaps even be successful even at the highest difficulty.

BioWare said that Dragon Age: Origins should be near impossible to finish on Nightmare and Soloing, yet people managed to do just that anyways. So we'll see.

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I guess it depends on how you gain experience. If it's Baldur's Gate style where encounters are harder but you level up faster and become sort of unstoppable even on your own, then I imagine going through the game would certainly be possible on your own. If you gain a set amount of experience per person for killing an enemy though... well, you'll probably need to be hammer the quick save/load buttons. 

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