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Sound-based puzzles

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I like problem-solving in games. Puzzles... yes and no. If they're too transparently puzzle-ish, i.e., there's no or very little in-game rationale for them being there, they tend to jolt me out of the game. I think that's what first comes to mind when you think of a puzzle.


But if P:E turns out to have lots of challenges that need smarts, knowledge, color perception, tone perception or whatever to solve, and if they're well integrated into the gameworld, I'm all for it. The toughest ones, or at least the ones that would otherwise lock out, say, colorblind, deaf, or tone-deaf people, are probably best left in optional areas.


There can be too much of a good thing of course. Wouldn't want P:E to turn into an adventure game.

well even in adventure games, that are practically made of puzzles, it is important that the puzzles are seamlessly integrated in the world and dont seem out of place. most people, as i understand it, with the word puzzle mean situations and locations that require the player to use his brain to proceed, something that is definitely missing in most games of the last 10years 

The words freedom and liberty, are diminishing the true meaning of the abstract concept they try to explain. The true nature of freedom is such, that the human mind is unable to comprehend it, so we make a cage and name it freedom in order to give a tangible meaning to what we dont understand, just as our ancestors made gods like Thor or Zeus to explain thunder.



What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


Stupidity leads to willful ignorance - willful ignorance leads to hope - hope leads to sex - and that is how a new generation of fools is born!

We are hardcore role players... When we go to bed with a girl, we roll a D20 to see if we hit the target and a D6 to see how much penetration damage we did.


Modern democracy is: the sheep voting for which dog will be the shepherd's right hand.

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