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Alignment (Good vs. Evil) and other similar Choices

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Is it possible to not be a good guy:

- Work on the bad guy's side of the main quest

- Commit crimes inside the game (and face punishment as well)

- Is it possible to be neutral?

- Is it possible to be hated with every faction?


I want to create a Serial Killer who just kills people for fun.

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As the trailer suggests, I think its like when they play in cartmans backyard (Border patrol) but instead fantasy; humans (cartman, kenny, etc) vs Elves (Stan, Kyle, etc). So Its possible you can play as evil which is most likely humans since It contains Cartman. For factions, It probs won't be avaliable to play as others like crab people.

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I reckon everyone (me included) will just side with Cartman. Kyle and Stan are boring, Cartman is the most entertaining character in the show by a mile.

Nah, Cartman is more amusing when he gets his comeuppance. I think I'll make a jew character and side with Kyle just to see how Cartman reacts.

SODOFF Steam group.

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