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  1. There isn't a PC Grand Master Wizard Edition available in the UK... Dafuq Ubisoft?
  2. I'm from the UK, and I can't find it on any UK game store sites.
  3. I can't find a grand wizard edition for PC only for xbox 360 and ps3 for pre-order?
  4. As the trailer suggests, I think its like when they play in cartmans backyard (Border patrol) but instead fantasy; humans (cartman, kenny, etc) vs Elves (Stan, Kyle, etc). So Its possible you can play as evil which is most likely humans since It contains Cartman. For factions, It probs won't be avaliable to play as others like crab people.
  5. Considering the game releases the same time as the season 17 starts, I think Matt and Trey might add some references in those episodes.
  6. I want to see '****' as an enemy faction! And I hope stan's christmas critters are in it. Edit: as it was filtered, bikers.
  7. I'm certainly looking forward to it myself as a big south park fan. Been wanting more information on it, I would love to know if 'imaginationland' would be included anywhere in the game or even for DLC, etc.
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