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I want my environment to matter

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Yes, yes & yes!


Throw away Black Isle's combat system (Pause/Unpause) and bring some Xcom to PE. Realms of Arkania or Fallout Tactics are good examples for a decent xcomish system. :yes:


Black Isle had made turn-based games. Isn't it Bioware that gave us realtime with pause? And it's already been established that PE will be realtime w/ pause. It has been made quite clear. It's not my preference either, but that's how it goes.

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Problem is most people don't want what the OP wants. They just find that sort of stuff more annoying than not. And some of it is just plain unworkable - like the fireball example - for obvious computational reasons. Granted to could some of it and just provide means to deal with it. Hate trudging through the swamp? Drink a potion of free movement and porblem solved. So yeah, there are always work arounds. Point is, is it worth creating all the extra work for something most people don't care about or want anyway? No.

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