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What do you want from the Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Priest?

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-pbaoe (point bank area of effect, aka whirlwind)

-zone of control (somehow making it difficult for enemies to walk right past them and smack the mage)

-debuff the enemy: disarm, stun, knockdown





-flanking attacks (the idea of getting a bonus to hit someone that isn't attacking them)

-debuff the enemy: bleed and weakness

-traps and bombs

-strong versus unarmoured opponents. (mages)

-dual wield for increased melee damage





-ranged damage

-area of effect damage

- debuff the enemy: paralysis, snare, slow, blind, sleep, knockdown, penalty to hit







-buff the party

-reasonable melee damage

-weak magical damage



*** each of the classes should have 3 - 5 clickable abilities that require thought and tactics in addition to larger more limited abilities, like once per day stuff. wizards should have the most abilities but be the most brittle. fighters might have the fewest clickable abilities but they should have some so it becomes more than just attack enemy, watch as they deal and absorb damage.

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for warriors:


i really want weapon choice to make a difference in how you play


a fighter using a spear and shield should have a very different feel than one using a two handed sword


What do you mean by "different feel"? It's not action RPG, you don't "swing" the weapons with pushing buttons. Beside animations and maybe a different special attacks for weapon groups like in Drakensang (where you could make a piercing attack with dagger, rapier or spear but not a mace) I don't see a way to make it feel different if the warrior character wields shield + long sword or shield + mace.


i meant different as in, the fighter using a spear and shield should be more durable than the one using a two handed sword, and have special abilities or perks that could be earned to make the use of the spear more efficient at what it does (say an ability that grants you a higher chance to critical strike an enemy that misses an attack against you in the same turn, while the two handed sword fighter could earn a skill/perk that grants extra damage against lightly armored enemies or something)


so as you earn these different perks/abilities by the end of the game, the two handed sword fighter "feels" very different than the spear user, because the types of enemies they excel against, and the tactics used mid-fight, are different for each of them.

Killing is kind of like playin' a basketball game. I am there. and the other player is there. and it's just the two of us. and I put the other player's body in my van. and I am the winner. - Nice Pete.

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