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Combat: What makes micro fun?

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That's a loaded title, because it assumes micromanagement can be fun. I guess there are managers/sadomasochists out there in the business/Korean competetive gaming world that think it is, but I also think humans (especially the ones being micromanaged by the aforementioned MBAs,) don't think micromanagement is fun or can be fun.


But it also appears as though what you're really referring to is tactical positioning rather than micromanagement. In my experience, if it's a game such as an IE classic it's not really micromanagement because it's a small team tactics situation. Controlling up to a half dozen characters is decidedly different from controlling and producing hundreds of characters as well as building and maintaining the support infrastructure and resource supply lines for those hundreds of characters in realtime without pause.


It's a misnomer to call RTS games Strategy games, because success hinges on reflexes and micromanagement, not actual strategy or strategic thinking.

I do not know where to start with such a roiling mass of wrong.

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This is what I meant with "Facing Direction".


From League of Legends with Riven btw, when you press "R" (which is the equivalent to the Ultimate Ability) a Second time with Riven you get this thing that you can place tactically and you will use your ability towards that direction:


Could it be used with the "Right" mouse button to decide which direction you will face?

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