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Why are you not making a version for Nintendo consoles?


Wii U will be amazing here. Beautiful, and it will be best for RPG's with the second screen.

South Park also has a great history within the show with Nintendo consoles, from Gamecube to the famous Wii episode to Cartman wanting to play GTA on the DS.


Please make a Wii U version. Also a 3DS version with the 3D and again the second screen is just great for RPG's.


If this plays like Paper Mario... why not announce it then for the best console out there and the newest one? :)


What's wrong with you? :)

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if the game is successful Nintendo will likely approach they are desperate to get as many 3rd party titles on the wii u as early as possible.

None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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