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I would like to see a more explicit effect of skills in dialog making during the game, better than in Planescape for example.



When i have to choose dialogue options i would like to see more options according to my intelligence, wisdom, charisma and even strength (intimidation), or even, to make many role playing skills very useful such (examples from D&D and AD&D):


1. Knowledge, Local History (Ancient History)

2. Knowledge, Occult/Arcana

3. Wilderness Lore

4. Intimitade

5. Diplomacy


And in help of those that english is a secondary language, a parenthesis indicating the nature of your answer would be awesome, example:


1. (Rude)

2. (Polite)

3. (Sarcastic)

4. (Moronic)

5. (Lie)

6. (Sad)

7. (Happy)




What do you think?

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