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Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun in general


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Who here have played the PnP game, original SNES title, or any other installment from the franchiese? And who is looking forward to the new singleplayer campaign most likely coming out in January 2013?


Personally, I've only heard/seen some from the SNES game. The rest is just own research from interviews/articles. I'm very excited about what I've heard from the setting, and that the newest installment is available for mac/pc/ipad (Not sure if also android tablet) so yay! :) I'm definetly getting it, even though I'm upset I missed the kickstarter for this game :( I'm not sure if there's dialouge options, but I hope there are! :D




For those who are completely clueless about Shadowrun here's introduction to the setting/upcoming game! Watch the first video on their finished kickstarter. :) It's definetly worth a look if you like the standard human/elf/dwarf/orcs/-fantasy genre because this one has an awesome twist! Mainly that it's taking place in a modern, blade-runner setting ;)


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