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                                   The book unread is unwritten. 
              The reason we don’t                              explain it is the 
reason we use it.                                                      Its power is in its mystery. 
    That is the Leaden Key,                                     in part, in whole. 
                        Is it clear?”                   “Digging for truth 
                                     buries the seeker.”
                                     “Two centuries ago, 
                                      your divine champion
                                      told the people of 
                                     to grovel at his feet. 
                                      If you’ve come on 
                                       pilgrimage to the 
                                        blasted crater 
                                      that was our reply, 
                                       Godhammer Citadel 
                                         is *that* way.”
                                       Eothas burning the Waidwen's flame
                                      Magran choking
                                       on her own newfound fame;
                                      Eír Glanfath
                                        is def to all but the
                                        a hundred thousand souls cry out
                                      for they must
                                         in formless, burning, bombed-out pain
                                        they must.








(((A concrete poem is a poem in a shape, usually of what it describes: I used the campaign almanac terms from one of the updates and my own feeble skill as a poet to compose the third and final section of the key, the rest is directly quoted from whoever at Obsidian wrote the countdown text for day -3 and the hidden text on said page)))



EDIT: Comes up more like it did in the .txt on Tumblr: http://azrayelthewhitelion.tumblr.com/ (I link to here from there as well so hopefully this isn't too criminal)

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CORSAIR, n. A politician of the seas. ~The Devil's Dictionary

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very cool. Shape was cool too.


I'll shamelessly plug my own one elsewhere.



Maybe a poem thread? :p

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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