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How not to ruin PE with the Beta?

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I always hear people say stuff like this, stop being such a baby, It's just a game, play it or don't. I don't see why everything has to be such a ritual.


Way to be condescending. I don't see why exactly you are supposed to have any competence to decide what I and other people should make rituals of. I do that whenever I want to. For some it's a ritual to watch the newest episode of their favourite TV show, for some it's opening up a new game they've always waited for, for some it's putting in a CD in stereo, for some it's team-stuff at the beginning of a football match, for some it's eating the same things on a certain day. You don't know what connection people have to the things they have rituals for - maybe there are emotions involved, maybe memories, maybe a single point in life where you have control - I could go on.


Quit being such a baby. Not everyone has to be the same - people are different. Accept that. Otherwise I refer to my Avatar.


Jesus I was joking about the baby bit you don't have to jump down my throat, I just said I didn't know why people got so uptight about spoilers, I would rather you had attempted to explain your position instead of just yelling at me.

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