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Where should Endless Paths (the mega dungeon) draw its inspiration from?

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I don't know about you, but for most others it does not take significant "resources" to just THINK A LITTLE when you create a dungeon.


They're talking about designing and programming a working dungeon-based ecosystem. That sounds pretty significant to me.


Unless I'm just looking at this completely the wrong way.


This degree of oversimulation isn't necessary. It's just things like, if you put in a level that's supposedly been sealed for 3000 years, it shouldn't be populated by anything that isn't immortal. Likewise, if you have a level with creatures supposedly living there, then either you need water and some kind of food source, or they need an exit to the surface where they can go out and find said water and food. It's really not that complicated.


What bugs me is when you have three sequential rooms, one occupied by kobolds, one with a displacer beast, and the last one a hell hound. It just doesn't add up.

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I'd love if they would implement something "lovecraftian" into the endless paths... mystical and moody.. maybe with lots of strange writings on walls, cults, an elder evil lurking in the deepest depths, etc. .. Well, at least no demon and no dragon, please!!! Also it would be great if that "evil" could kinda control or possess party members once in a while to prevent you from descending..

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