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Would you like to have scene rotation in PE?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to have scene rotation in PE?

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I'd rather have OE spend resources somewhere else than on different camera angles.


Like personal pets or player housing?


Yup, like the others, I rather have 4x more beatiful crafted areas to go around in, then that time spend on making one area rotate.

Also it would add in the difficulties of 3D games, that from some angles you just can't see jack.


Sigh... It doesn't work like "a scene from 4 directon vs. 4 times more areas". A 2D background is a 3D scene rendered to a 2D image from an angle plus post-rendering touches to make it look better. 4 renders of a scene = you change the camera in your 3D scene and render it to a 2D image. It does, however, mean 4 times the post-render work but that could be as easy or difficult as one might guess.




If the area is designed with one angle in mind, they can make the play area never obstructed, and still add it up with many things, that might block the camera if you rotate. So they probably would also need to lose detail for this to work, making it an even bigger "no"


I am not following the logic here. But IE games had their share of areas that were confusing because view of some areas were blocked by structures.


It is however correct that if they decide on an angle early on, they will make 3D details in scenes to be visible from that one angle, which is a valid concern but is ultimately irrelevant because as I said earlier, this is only a question of WANT, not "thinking for developers".


It's not that I'm annoyed by disagreements but poorly thought, invalid or irrelevant arguements.

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I however am thinking like that. Not just for the player but also for developer.

Since if the gain vs. time doesn't hold up it might be better to do something else instead.


And yes, animation one pet, or allowing the house to have some things that can be changed do take less development time than making the area rotatable. Gains about the same.

Thus gain vs. time is better for them than for this...


My 2 cents.




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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you 2D guys are so damn cool. you like trying to have a battle with a big assfat tree blocking ur view? yeah thats my idea of a good time. dont need to be seeing whats going on at all. or when the whole party clumps together and you cant see jack. rotating cam is a must. or at least have the trees(or any object) go transparent when ur behind it. but that wouldnt work when there is a group of party members or enemies blocking your view. this subject is dumb as hell to even consider not doing. dragon age origins, divinity original sin....!

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