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  1. you 2D guys are so damn cool. you like trying to have a battle with a big assfat tree blocking ur view? yeah thats my idea of a good time. dont need to be seeing whats going on at all. or when the whole party clumps together and you cant see jack. rotating cam is a must. or at least have the trees(or any object) go transparent when ur behind it. but that wouldnt work when there is a group of party members or enemies blocking your view. this subject is dumb as hell to even consider not doing. dragon age origins, divinity original sin....!
  2. yes iknow this. i spent a lot of time trying to figure out why everythig there was so inconsistant. maybe somehow my difficulty level was messing up. i thought i started every game on hard. but one time the guy in the party disarmed all of them(25). next time he did the ones you speak of. the next time he dont even recognize they are traps hehehee edit: OOOPPPS i wasnt sneaking. they show up. but still the first time was -1, +10, +10 xp and they all were disarmable
  3. just went back to those saves and now they dont even recognize the traps at all. i give up. whatever xp and cash i get,,, i get
  4. ive been doing a lot of testing. solo character in party 5xp for those traps. 2 in party 10xp. and 3 get 15xp. all gets devided. 5xp each no matter. tested quests. sae type of thing. exept you get a few extra xp for going solo. at least on hard difficulty. strange cuz in most rpg you get much more reward for going solo. oh well. they "rewrote" the rpg rules or something stupid for some stupid reason right. trying to keep things fresh and new is not always a good thing, especially when they already work very well.
  5. when i disarm the first dungeon floor traps i get 10xp and Calisca gets 10xp and Heodan gets -1xp. when he disarms them we all get 5xp each. but sometimes when i disarm we also all get 5 each. it always says we get 15 xp. Heoden and I both have 2 in mechanics. whats up with this. and yes i searched. and i tried resting first... thanx
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