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I'm okay with dragons. I'm also okay if they leave them out (though I imagine many people would miss them). Like the OP though, I think that if they are included they should be important and consequential, not just random encounters. Whether they talk or not, are intelligent or not, is something I'm open to, so long as they're not just another monster.

"Understanding is a three-edged blade."

"Vivis sperandum: Where there is life, there is hope."

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I hated Dragons for the most part in IE games as they basically came across as yet another Boss monster (even though some were well written).


They should be something that is so absolutely horrifying in coming across that you have NO chance at all to survive an encounter with one.

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I like dragons. Dragons are one of the few standard archetypes that I never ever grow tired of. Possibly mainly because so few stories ever use them to their true potential, and I still wait for the game that will.


Dragons, or anything so incredibly ancient as them, are wonderful platforms for storytelling. There is so much to evoke: malevolence, benevolence, loss, forgiveness, empathy, understanding. Sadly not many developers achieve anything profound when it comes to dragons.


If Obsidian does, it will absolutely make PE a game to be remembered.


Yes, I want dragons.

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