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A couple questions before I pull the trigger....

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Firstly, is there going to be higher tier options that forgo physical goods? I usually like having a physical copy if it's possible, but for some reason with something prefunded like this project I want all my money going toward development of the game, or health benifits to some poor overworked intern (or whatever) and not trinkets and dvd's that will collect dust. Strange I know, but there it is.


Also, what is the art style going to be? I know I'm in a bit of a minority as far as cRPG fans go, and I'll just come out and say it. I simply will not suffer funding a styalized, 1960's Hanna Barbara in 1080p, magna wanna-be bull-hockey that has decended like a plauge on modern gaming. (I know some folks are all googly over that type of visual interpretation, we will just have to agree to disagree)


Just asking before I drop a bill or whatever into funding what is looking might possibly be the cRPG of the decade.



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