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Anachronox needs a Kickstarter project!


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Tom Hall felt the story of Anachronox was too large for one game (requiring an estimated 70 hours of gameplay[101]), and planned for two expansion packs in 1998.[39] Each expansion pack would represent another third of the overall story.[39] He confirmed in 1999 that Anachronox would be followed by only one sequel;[52] several art assets had already been created for the sequel by mid-2000.[75] Hall speculated in 2000 that further adventures in two new universes may take place after the sequel.[101][167] He later stated that he did not regret ending Anachronox on a cliffhanger, as most characters had resolved their inner turmoil.[101] Ion Storm's closure nixed plans for a continuation; Hall has unsuccessfully tried to purchase the intellectual property rights to the Anachronox universe.[101] He noted in 2007 that other team members were willing to come back to help: "We went through such turmoil but stayed for the love of the universe, the game and each other. Former team members often mention that if I ever got the intellectual property back and was going to make Anachronox 2, just tell them when and where. We have, as we say, 'The Love.'"[101] Hall remarked in 2010, "If I don't do the game in the next 10 years, I'll just write up the rest of the story and put it on my website for closure, how about that?"[100]


Sound familiar? Give them the IP you bastards! And also, I want System Shock 3.

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Please let that happen :(

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