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Scripting bug: Can't leave Nar Shaddaa!

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I'm encountering a game-breaking bug at Nar Shaddaa:


After the exile is captured by Goto, T3-M3 obtained the transponder codes from the warehouse. Hanharr, Atton and T3 then fought their way to the blind technician who creates a new ID for the Ebon Hawk. After choosing two people who will board Goto's Yacht for the rescue, a movie plays showing Goto's Yacht chasing the Ebon Hawk.


Then a cutscene plays of two bounty hunters in a bar discussing the situation, and Atton and co. are back on the landing pad. I can't board the Ebon Hawk or progess the game in any way.


Going to the merchant again allows me to select an ID (again) for the Ebon Hawk, but he says he needs a blank transponder card--and I just used up mine.


Any ideas what I need to do? I'm using the restored content mod, but that's it.


EDIT: Is there a global variable to mark all Nar Shaddaa bounty hunter conversation cutscenes as having taken place? Maybe that'll fix it.

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Enable cheats, then use ~ to enable the console and type


warp 351nar




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