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  1. Thanks for testing it for me, LadyCrimson. Looks like I'll be redeeming a GOG copy after all. Now I've got Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin on Steam (which does work without Steam), and PoE on GOG. Would have been nice to own them all in one place.
  2. I dunno. I asked this question in multiple places and I'm getting conflicting reports. I wish someone from Obsidian would clarify.
  3. I'm deciding between getting this on GOG and Steam, and wanted to know: Can the Steam version can be launched directly from the executable without starting Steam? For context, here is a list of such [strong air quotes] "DRM-free" games on Steam. Most Paradox titles are this way, as are Larian's and InXile's games. (I prefer GOG for its DRM-free version but manual patching is going to be a bother in the first few months when patches will come thick and fast. The Steam version being essentially DRM-free is the best case scenario.)
  4. I originally picked the $20 tier on Kickstarter. Is there any way to raise my pledge? I'm experiencing "reverse buyer's remorse", as another thread puts it. I didn't have the money to pledge $50 back then, will have it next week.
  5. After I kill Atris and speak to Brianna, the game just deposits me (as in, the exile) in the abandoned Telos military base in front of the door that is supposed to lead to the factory. But the door is still "magnetically sealed", my journal still has no info on this, and I have no way of getting in or progressing the game. I am running The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.7. This problem also occurs with 1.6. Any ideas? I'm this close to finishing the game for the first time!
  6. It is not a scripted encounter, but it would appear they are "cheating". There is NO WAY, not even at level 50, of having a chance of countering saving throws of 70+. Something is wrong here, and I want to fix it.
  7. How does it matter what power I use? They all have a DC of 5 + Wis + Cha modifiers + player level. You've completely missed my point. The sith assassins on Korriban have will/reflex/fortitude save bases of base 25 + mod 35 = 70. Seventy! NOTHING, no power or feat can beat that, so something is wrong here. I just want to know what, and if I can fix it.
  8. I have a level 25 sentinel/sith lord (15/10 split) on Korriban, and none of my force powers seem to be working. My Wis+Cha is 11, so the DC for most of my powers is (level + Wis + Cha modifiers + 5), which is 41. From the combat log, against Sith assassins: Player uses Force Scream: Sith Assassin Will save. Success! 74(Roll 14 + base 25 + mod 35) vs DC 41 Sith Assassin Will save. Success! 77(Roll 17 + base 25 + mod 35) vs DC 41 What does this "mod 35" mean? Basically, no force power I have works on them (besides plague) because they have a will save modifier of 25+35=70! They have
  9. I'm encountering a game-breaking bug at Nar Shaddaa: After the exile is captured by Goto, T3-M3 obtained the transponder codes from the warehouse. Hanharr, Atton and T3 then fought their way to the blind technician who creates a new ID for the Ebon Hawk. After choosing two people who will board Goto's Yacht for the rescue, a movie plays showing Goto's Yacht chasing the Ebon Hawk. Then a cutscene plays of two bounty hunters in a bar discussing the situation, and Atton and co. are back on the landing pad. I can't board the Ebon Hawk or progess the game in any way. Going to the mercha
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