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Is blocking worthless?

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If block didn't use Focus, then ya, you could block while you think of what you do next. But other than that, I don't understand when to block. I mean you're just sitting there, losing Focus, why? Run away or dodge, right?


Technically, if you get block and Stamina/Armor high enough, you won't even lose Focus when blocking. But yeah, that's a formula that probably won't work long.


I find blocking to be most useful against some of the nastiest long-range attacks from bosses and mini-bosses, like the homing missiles of Rajani or the damned electrical bolts of that Enhanced Automaton in the Crypts of the Sacred Blood. In fact, when I first met him, playing with a Lucas that was badly built up (first thing I do with that new DLC is respec him) I died constantly and I never tried blocking because of a bad experience with Mara Yatum (his green missiles are unblockable). When I finally tried, I discovered that blocking worked against those bolts and from then on, I simply when into the Defense stance whenever I heard the robot charge the bolts, and pouf, a much easier fight!

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Because I just had to find something to do with it, what I do, is lay down an Immolation Aura, take 1 step back, and just stand there blocking while everything burns. I totally could be attacking, but the problem is my attacks will sometimes bring me too far away from the flames. I find in general that Immolation Aura is way too small (it's hard to keep enemies in there), but I invested 5 points in it, so I gotta use it.

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