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The Jeyne Kassynder Drinking Game

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This is for adults 21+ only and for those of you watching this at home please, no wagering.


(Rules of the Game)

The rules are simple.

(1)You and your friends get your favorite beverages and a shot glass.

(2)Start a new game of DS3

(3)Everytime the narrator says Jeyne Kassynder everyone lift thier shot glasses, say "Jeyne Kassynder", and down the hatch!

(4)When you get to the part where you take over control of the character, restart the game with another character and do the same.

(5)Rinse. lather, repeat until there is one person left standing who is then declared winner.


Have fun and don't drink and drive! :)

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral

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And you can continue after you take control of your character. Every time someone in the game says "Jeyne Kassynder", everyone takes a shot. Her name is said so many times in the game, and she's rarely referred to as "her" or just "Jeyne" from what I've seen. It's always her full name. So this is indeed drinking game material.

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