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A great European has passed away


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If it wasn't for the Habburg your ****hole country would still be tied to Bulgaria or Turkey.




And if it wasn't for my country and the sacrifices of my people Vienna wouldn't have been besieged once by the Turks, but many more times. And probably in that would have fallen at a certain point. And don't you lecture me about my history, certainly not the Austrian version of it where the Habsburgs are most certainly shown in pink and velvet. The regime under the Habsburgs let us deal with the Turks, although we were outnumbered almost in every battle and skirmish, and fight with them on our own more times then the Habsburgs helped militarily. Austria through out history exploited my country, people and resources for its own goals and interest, you didn't give a **** about our security. You were nothing but dictators and imperialistic oppressors, you executed countless people in my country, imprisoned them, impoverished the land, surppressed civil and other liberties. You were to my country the enemy within, and the Turks the enemy beyond the border. My country was too small to stand on its own between such large powers, and you took that to your advantage as best and as roothlesly as you could to serve your own agenda. And I ain't gonna waist one more minute on the Habsburgs that were the plague on my people among others.

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The **** you talking about? Still living in the past? Still afraid the Turks will come and eat your babies?


I rather have Turkey or Russia in the EU than Croatia or Serbia.


I'm not living in the past nor am I afraid of Turks, I'm telling what was it like to be ruled under the noble Habsburgs.


And to your comments of the EU, nobody gives a **** who would you like in the EU or not.

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