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so some words from the dev about DLC or expansion??

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like the topic title, the dev say something? i want more from DS3...


how the sales? the haters break the title?


i finish the game and its 8/10 very good game


graphics 9/10 so great i dont know what all the crying????

gameplay 9/10 i play with ps3 controller in my pc and its work great!

combat system 9/10 one of the best combat system, all the hater talk about diablo3, this combat system take D3 with one hand

charecter build 7/10 its good but improve will be nice

stroy 7/10 nice not somthing spicel

langth 6/10 its ok but they can do it more long....

local co-op 10/10 good and fun

online co-op 6/10 same camera can be anoying, you not keep you charcter.


BTW play this game with controller....

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It's funny that you compare the ds3 combat system with the diablo 3 combat system, while the game is still under development huh...


they release gameplay and we now how the combat system of diablo, its will be the same combat like 15 year before and every body answer amen....


from what i see the multiplayer of diablo will be great but other things will be like all game nothing new of spiecel...

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So tell me about the demon hunter resource system, what does he use in order to use his abilities? When it replenishes? Is it static or does the max increase over time? With char level? with items? with attributes?


Even if they published some information or even if you played the game during a conference it was pre-beta, a demonstration. Things can change you know? And if you have not played the game how do you know how it feels huh?


Btw i enjoy the dungeon siege III combat system, but i believe it is silly to judge that d3's is worse if you havn't seen it...

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Probably too early for DLC/expansion talk at the moment, I'm sure they're focusing on getting a good patch out first. :wub:


Concrete sales numbers are very rarely openly released by devs/publishers though, unless to give exaggerated figures for promo purposes.

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