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Yea, Amazon Japan reviews for PS3 version began to be piled up, too. Basically, it looks quite similar to its US counterpart except there are not so many Dungeon Siege series fans (Somehow, most of Hack & Slash fans come up with the example of Sacred 2 as well as Diablo series). Means, "it's not Hack & Slash" vs "it's a well built/OK ARPG." That said, even the latter group seem to find the pricing is bit high. I wonder if the narrowed-down scope should be blamed, though, since the complaints about camera exist here as well. Not surprisingly, console gamers tend to be less tolerant to bugs/glitches.


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BTW, I know about the popularity of Souls series since there are quite a coverage in Western media, too. I, however, didn't know Atelier series. Of course, it's not surprising that Japanese game makers rely on popular anime illustrators to cover up the lack of the visual impact of the games cooperated by Hollywood industry. However, the fact that they made a market to both hardcore gamers and girls amazed me. I had even expected some pedophilia comments in reviews but I found the comments there much healthier. "I'm tired of gore expression of Western games and it's refreshing to play the series." "The system is actually solid." among some girlish comments. :)

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WSGF reviewed Dungeon Siege IIIs Widescreen capabilities where it recevied a perfect score and got certified.




If anyone is wondering WHY due to their own disatisfaction with the options. Widescreen lovers usually HATE stretching above everything. Best read how their rating system works. I can't explain it sufficently myself.

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