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are you going to fix multiplayer?



It seems there are a couple massive problems in multiplayer, either the game got shipped with these issues outside your knowledge or one of your developers is playing a huge practical joke on the entire gaming community.


1.) All 4 players share a camera, as you might imagine this makes the game very shaky, awkward, crowded and unplayable. It's impossible to see what's going on and you're constantly being bombarded outside of the frame by unseen enemies.


2.) You can't play online with your own character, rather it seems you are only helping the host with some slap-dash make-up character on the fly and you can't keep any of the EXP or the loot for yourself, you are basically slave labor and it's not even worth it considering how sloppy and unfun it is bumping around together in a shared screen for absolutely no reason.


Can anyone out there think of any reason to actually join a game online? No, because there is no reason to.


The people responsible for this multiplayer system are all tragic failures in the gaming development world. Do you seriously think this sort of multiplayer is acceptable? Even by 10 years ago standards this is a stupid idiotic and amateurish joke, I honestly can't buy that you put this game out thinking this was okay. This is dungeon siege, not a watered down annoying left 4 dead... get your act together and fix this garbage, I'm sure if your high on pay and low on talent devs pull a few all nighters you can put out a multiplayer thats actually worth playing for more players than just the host. Otherwise you can eat it, and we can all keep pirating your titles until you figure out how to make a game thats fun.


Single player is cool though :D albeit a watered down Dungeon Siege 2...

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Totally agree...


You guys NEED to put in sometime with the multiplayer on this game...

You have officially said in reviews and interviews that this game was geared towards Co-Op but all we've got is a BS tack on top of the single player with no real thought put into it...




You've got plenty of fans on this website giving you the ideas to fix it now implement them and DO IT RIGHT!

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