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Activation problems



Disconnected Activation

We attempted to find an internet connection, but could not. This could be because your computer is disconnected from the internet or that the program is being blocked by a personal firewall. You have the following options:


I have enabled my connection and want to try and activate this program online.


I want to generate a request to activate this computer, which I will upload via a browser on this or another computer.


I want to install a response that I received after uploading my request.


I would like to learn more about disconnected activation...


This is never happened to me before, my firewall has allowed it through all ports and my Router isn't blocking anything... I even connected directly into the modem turned off my security to try and get it to work and still doesn't activate.


I select enabled my connection and want to try and activate this program online and this is the error code I get.


Your attempt to activate this title has failed.

Error code: -1912029


I've checked and re-checked to see if my Key was correct and it is. I tried the other options but it seems as if the Alpha Protocol website is just dead. I installed this game not to long ago and had no problems but now I'm suddenly facing all kids of problems.


This disc-protection crap is a pain in the butt and it makes things harder on paying customers than anything...



Any solutions?

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I believe (if I remember correctly from my own installation) that you first install the game (don't try to activate) and then run the official patch. After running (and installing the patch) it should not be necessary to activate it online.

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