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Strengths and Weaknesses of each character...

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Seems its like this, based on playing Reinhart+Kat currently, and Anjali+Lucas in demo, all on Hardcore.



Str: Good Tank. Normal attacks hits hard and staggers opponents a bit.

Weak: No ranged attack whatsoever lol. :lol:



Str: Good support abilties. Melee has good reach.

Weak: Melee attacks leave her vulnerable.



Str: High DPS. A lot of debuff abilities. Great vs Boss sniping.

Weak: Few AoE attacks. Focus charge is very slow. Rifle attack is very slow.



Str: AoE attacks are good and can debuff whole groups. Got lots of tricks.

Weak: He has weak defence, so his melee needs some setup. Ranged stance needs some setup to attack effectively.


Overall, its nice to see a healthy difference between characters. And the flexibility of building your character to take advantage of their strengths or minimizing their weaknesses.

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I used a range attack with Lucas in the demo . I can't remember the name of the skill but i guess is the only one.


Some kind of Whirlwind thingy. But yeah, he has no normal ranged attacks. Only an ability or two for ranged, methinks.

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Wind Shear is the whirling property of the air: If there is a high enough wind shear and updraft with moisture to pack something, it means that a Tornado is on the way to form.


For Luke he probably took his time to read the book of weaboo fightan magic.

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