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Xbox 360 Limited Edition DLC code not valid?

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Can anyone shed any light on this? We just got Dungeon Siege 3 Limited Edition in the post today and the code for the DLC isnt valid.


Im guessing it may be because its not officially released until this friday. Im only worried because I cant find anyone else on the interwebs with his same issue.

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I don't have any definite info on that but I recommend you wait until Friday. In any case, as DS3 is a Steamworks game, you'll have to wait until the 17th to play it.

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We got it from ShopTo too. Haven't received a game on a Wednedsay in a long time, it's normally Thursday for us.


At least it's not just me. I couldn't find anyone else having this problem hence me making an account on here and posting about it, I guess you were both in the same boat as me looking for other people with the same issue.


To be honest I've never played a Dungeon Siege game before, but I enjoyed the Xbox 360 demo even though I never finished it (got the ruddy mental/manic cat for that) so who knows how I am going to manage the full game with him tearing up the place haha! Then again I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII no problem...maybe he doesn't like demos?!?

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