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"Combo" is short for "combination" - there's no combination here - just an exploit of one ability (which is already overpowered without such an easy exploit, but that's another story). It would need you to be using Chain Shot along with another ability for the word "combo" to be appropriate.


I didn't know about the endurance regen, though, so that was nice to learn, even if I don't ever plan to use that knowledge (maybe if, like you, I'm on my 11th replay or something, but probably not even then). I knew about lining up criticals then canceling - worth mentioning that on PS3, unless you're holding L2 down for aiming BEFORE you activate CS, it doesn't work. If you activate CS before holding the aim button, or without using it at all, canceling and firing won't let you keep the critical hit you lined up.


I've used the basic version of Chain Shot like this, popping out of cover and lining up the critical headshot, then canceling CS before firing. Gets the silent kill more often than not, with a slight element of risk, but without making me sit around doing nothing while I wait for a cooldown to come back before I can get past the next guard. Using it like that is more about improving the flow of gameplay for me. I stop doing it when I can land critical hits from behind cover, because that's all I've done with it anyway.

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