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Cant Wait

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I cant wait till this game comes out. I love watching Obsidian take great game franchises and utterly destroy them with badly developed, sloppily coded, buggy messes of sequels. Couldnt have happened to a better game than Dungeon Siege. The last 2 games were brilliant, fun, but most importantly, STABLE, but now its time for Obsidian to work their magic on it like they did with Knights of the Old Republic, which had admittedly minor glitches, but was shipped missing its ending, and Fallout, which is an unplayable buggy mess. I dont know if its because they dont know how to code games, or they're lazy, or that they just love ruining good games, but the sooner that the blight on the gaming industry that is Obsidian Entertainment is wiped out, the better says i

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Odd... So far I have been enjoying NV thoroughly, admittedly I got it for pc and there have been a couple of patches before I bought it. I find it to be far better than Fallout 3 in character, storyline and content. Although Fallout 2 is still my favourite game of all time.



NOTE ON FALLOUT 2: Talk about an RPG, I got caught banging a farmer

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