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Any chance at Modding

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Is there any chance that people will mod this game at all. Like maybe the same treatment Temple of Elemental Evil or Vampire:Bloodlines got with community updates. Even things like new models and texture re-placers. One thing I was hoping someone would do or maybe I could figure it out (I'm not very good at programming) Is either making Casual wear better (more gadget and upgrade slots) or maybe make the casual wears look better like make them all look like the Moscow one (or if you like one of the others better, personally I love the Moscow one). Just random thoughts. Maybe an endgame or miscellaneous missions using the templates already in place. Like enter (insert building here) an then fight or evade (insert enemy faction here) to (assassinate, arrest, rescue, steal, hack) basically a random objective. pretty much a story-less mission that could be replayed. I really don't know what's possible since once again I'm not really a programmer (I dabble but not much). Any input would be awesome cause this is a great game and since neither a dlc expansion, or sequel in the distance this may be the only way.

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There is already a thread dedicated to the modding of Alpha Protocol. So far it's mostly textmodding and trying to patch issues.

I'd say the answer to that question is kind of like the answer to "who's the sucker in this poker game?"*


*If you can't tell, it's you. ;)


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We're above calling people morons here, it's usually just snide remarks.

Calling people morans, however, is an entirely different kettle of voles.

This particularly rapid, unintelligible patter isn't generally heard, and if it is, it doesn't matter.

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