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Will they continue with the tradition of a map editor or modding tools?

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Something I've really enjoyed about the previous entries in this series is the editor and support for modding... Will this continue or is it being abandond? I'm pretty choked Blizzard isn't planning on releasing any toolset or modding support for Diablo 3. I am guessing there is no info on this as of yet? I really hope they forget about that side of the community this time around!

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We don't have info about this yet.

Considering 2 of 4 Obsidian games have toolsets to play with (NWN2 and the soon to be released Fallout : New Vegas), I'd say that there's a good possibility that they release it at least a little bit after they release the game.

Also, making some noise on this forum and letting them know we want one could definitely help. :rolleyes:

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I've got my eye on this thread.


...even though an announcement about mod support is probably so far away that an entirely new one will be started when the time comes.


I think it's safe to assume they'll include it, though. Obsidian has made a lot of comments lately about how important it is for players to be able to enhance their games.

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