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Rome Boss - NEED HELP

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I've enjoyed this game so far, but every time there is a god damn boss I want to snap the disc in half.


I went from Saudi Arbia >> Taipei >> Rome. And this guy (not sure if it changes depending on actions) is so god damn impossible I'm close to giving up on this game. Omen in Taipei was rage-inducing but luckily in that fight I had him 3/4s of the way down in health because of my prior actions. With this guy, its full health, he charges right at me and I die if he gets two combos on me.


My character has 13 points in stealth, 2 in pistols, 2 in assault rifles, 3 in sabotage, 4 in toughness, and 4 in martial arts. I have 11 unspent AP points to put into anything at the beginning of this fight. I am able to kill the four guards due to the Shadow Operative skill, but after that I might as well be throwing toothpicks at this guy.


Is there a way to set the game to easy? Or for me to reload something and make this fight f*cking possible? If I don't get some kind of strategy formed i'm just done with this game. Seriously, I like the in between stuff, but these bosses are probably the worst thing in video games.

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I had trouble with him too. One point more to pistols is mandatory for chainshot. That, combined with AP bullets, is will do some damage. I used chainshot to deal with the goons and shadow operative to hide around while waiting for chainshot to recharge. You can deal some big damage to Marburg by chainshotting two or more critical headshots. You should really rely on chainshot for bosses if you're a stealthy character. Use whatever you can to slow him down and hide until it recharges and repeat. Or maybe you're fighting him too early. I had a lot of trouble with the pre-showdown with Deng because i had few points on combat skills. Maybe go to Moscow and do a few missions first? I know it really breaks the mood but it's better than quitting the game :p

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Stick a few gadgets around as you move.. I found a few shock traps placed to be quite useful...

"Cuius testiculos habeas, habeas cardia et cerebellum."

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You posted in the wrong forum section, this is a no spoilers area. You should have posted in the strategies section.


Your problem is you have very low combat abilities, you should have added more to those. I beat him by using stealth and punching him in hand to hand.

~R.I.P. Adam aka "Ild

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