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Why is this game $70 in Australia on Steam?

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I guess I can see why you think that way. Sadly, not everyone ships to NZ/AUS, and shipping costs a lot. Buying from halfway across the world is very different from you buying from a EU-neighbour. While you might not have it as good as US/Canada, you still have a huge amount of options as to where you get your game from; we don't have such a luxury, and DD emerges as the best option by far in most cases.


The fact is I can't understand paying more than 5$ to get nothing.


Basically, imagine you spent 70 euros a pop on the last 10 games you bought. And imagine that you could have got all of them for 40-50 euros a pop, if you got them digitally instead of in a box. The difference? You don't get the box.


I can't understand paying 20 euros extra to get an extra box, do you? :shifty: That's the situation in NZ/AUS, really.



I've seen some of these stores, and they don't ship to your country. The situation is more sad than I imagined, so I think you're right: DD is the only way (but you always have Ebay).


Don't know if you already know this, but on http://www.gamestracker.com/ you can see what online shops sell what and for how much. There is a "New Zealand" button after you click on a game, so it should be easier. I've seen something and there wasn't very much worth buying, but it can always be a useful tool.

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I don't really buy on Steam really anymore. Euro = USD. Seriously?


I recently bought Sam&Max Season 3 from the developers, 35 dollar (around 26 euro). Steam? 32 euro. And then you get less bonus features to boot... insane.




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I prefer retail games myself, but here in Vancouver, retail PC games are very hard to come by. Honestly AP will probably not show up in stores until about a month after release, which is ridiculous. So DD is the only way to go for me, even though I have an odd fetish for paper manuals...

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