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Question About Copy Protection (PC version)

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I'm just curious how that will work.


If I buy the game and install it on 5 computers, my activations will be gone. Then I go online and revoke all of them and install again on five different computers.


Which basically means this scheme won't stop pirates (they'll crack it) or friend-sharing (I can get as many activations as I need). Maybe it hurts the second hand market, but as long as you get the activation information, not even that will be affected.


So it's basically pointless and a waste of money? Or what am I missing?

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Patch getting rid of the thing eventually, eh? It isn't so bad then.


It sounds so watered down that I have to wonder what's the point of cluttering my registry with that junk, tho. Well, I'm not complaining because it sounds reasonable overall.

SODOFF Steam group.

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