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Use Sensitive Powers and Weapons

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That'd be using a different rules set than KOTOR uses. I'm just happy they used mana (force points) instead of totally screwing everything over and having force uses per day. Yeah, I know that force points is kinda a SW standard, but you never know...


Anyway, that's more Dungeon Siege than DnD. And KOTOR uses DnD rules (for the most part).

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If use one weapon or force power you shold become better with it. Like if you use Force lightning offten it will take up less force points. And if you use a certian weapon more offen it will miss less offen and will do more damage.

I believe that would negate the purpose of Light/Dark side mastery since i believe that is what it exactly does.


Dark Side - Lower FP usage for DS powers

Light Side - Lower FP usage for LS powers


As far as the weapons are concerned, a player would just use a weapon of choice from the start and that weapon would become too powerful (Assumption)

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