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Information on why the game was delayed!!!

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So, I called up my contact at Obsidian (his identity will remain a secret), and I was talking to him about the delay, and the history of the Soviet Union in the late 1920s. It's sad (all them dudes died except the Stalinists), but also interesting, because the early Soviet Union actually attempted to push "indigenous" (Ukrainian, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, etc.) culture and national identity, both to edge out other possible things (pan-Islamism, pan-Turkism, et cetera) and to allow their cultures to "develop" through the stages of human civilization up to where Russia was (perceived to be).


Anyway, the delay: he was saying that basically they're redoing the whole plot. Now, it takes place in an alternate universe where Lenin's Testament isn't suppressed, and as a major consequence the United Front tactic is adopted instead of the Popular Front tactic. The PCF and the PCI take over France and Italy in the aftermath of WW2. It's a world with a showdown, one where either side has a legitimate chance of winning. Your character, Michael Thorton, is a CIA dog - but he's been given a significant amount of leeway in his behavior. Will he side with the CIA, or will he do the right thing and aid the worldwide revolution? Your adventures on the still-thriving black market in Moscow, the beating heart of the Soviet State, your work in suppressing (or aiding) the communist revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia, the bloody course of your activities in the Italian capital of Rome, and of course your assassination mission in the Republic of China (but will you side with the USA-backed military junta, or good old Wang Hongwen?).


So there you have it. The reason why the game was delayed.


Mods, don't you dare engage in revisionism and lock this thread! That's an order, from Comrade Zinoviev!

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