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OMG!! They are making a new Archon!!


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It's only taken 25 years, but classic computer game Archon is returning to the PC.


Archon will be coming back with new multiplayer game modes that support up to four player team and versus battles as well as classic 8-bit or modern versions of the game. The new PC title will also include online leader boards, achievements, HD resolution and online support.


Chad Lee, owner of developer React Games, says the decision to bring the classic back to the PC was driven by the game's success on the iPhone.


"In bringing Archon to the PC we've really focused on maintaining the classic feel of the original game," said Brad Moss, Design Lead at React Games. "That said, there were aspects of the title that needed updating for the modern audience. For example, the addition of 4 players was never in the original, but it adds so much fun it feels like it always belonged there."


Other additions include the ability to level up characters, power-ups and new board layouts. Pre-sales for the game kick off on Oct. 15, Lee said.


It's like I have died and gone to heaven! As long as it is actually good that is. *HOPE*

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Two opposing sides with roughly the same number of pieces as chess on a light and dark board.


Movement limitations based on directionality was replaced by movement limits based on squares, and back row pieces had more power than front row pieces.


They added the extra wrinkle of light vs dark having an advantage on light vs dark squares and fighting for squares.


I seem to remember (but admit the memory cheats) the original manual even describing it as being like chess.


I played it like I did chess as a kid, the difference being I won a lot more at Archon (although in retrospect maybe that was my problem playing Chess - I played it too much like Archon! :lol:)

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I remember playing a game similar, but it didn't follow the "chess" setup quite as closely.


You could build units and set them up on your side, as well as various types of traps. I remember one "unit" being a vampire like bat that could fly around and drain an enemy's health. Then when a unit was "taken" they would fight it out, winner prevails.

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BTW, my favorite piece was the Banshee.


I wonder how they'll do the setup? With the 4 player mode will there be only two sets of "pieces" like in the original, four or will you have the ability to sort of "make your army"?

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