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Starwars games wishes


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EaW is really just the bastard child of Supremacy/Rebellion and Galactic Battlegrounds. Both too distasteful to mention in polite company, and their consummation is more disturbing than awkward.


But at least it's better than Force Commander! By Azura, by Azura, by Azura...


I remember Rebellion, that game had good ideas but was painful to play, Galactic battlegrounds was fun if you were a really big fan of Age of Empires.

Empire at War does surpass them both, but then again the bar set by those two wasn't set too high.

Force Commander hardly set the bar very high either heh.


A star wars game in the vein of Homeworld would be amazing though, not sure if i would like the idea of my Escort Carriers pumping out fighters like candy but I am sure i could forgive it :-P.

Though a Homeworld 3 would be wonderful too.

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i want more kyle katarn as a mercenary! lets see some adventure from between star wars and empire strikes back. thats a great time period for games.

Killing is kind of like playin' a basketball game. I am there. and the other player is there. and it's just the two of us. and I put the other player's body in my van. and I am the winner. - Nice Pete.

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