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Lack of force persuade chat option

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Hey folks,


I'm enjoying playing this game through again since Zbyl2 and DarthStoney's restored content mod came out. However I'm about to head to the surface of Telos and I've not had one chat option for force persuade despite it being the first power I took, and upgrading it at the first chance I got. I have no persuade so I'm completely dependant on it for getting through quests without smashing everyone in my way.


Is this a bug or are there simply no chances to use it this early in the game? There have been a number of times it could have been helpful.

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Nar Shaddaa Force Persuades are funny.


[Force Persuade]

It'll be fine where it is.


[success] It'll be fine where it is, yeah I guess your right [Failure] And by right, I mean your wrong, telling me it'll be fine where it is, what do think I am stupid?




[Force Persuade]

You two, give me all your credits then jump in that pit there.


[success] Ahh, erhh, must.... do....... it.


[success] Jumping in the pit sound good, get around faster you will.







[Force Persuade] I can go in.


[success] You can go in.


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Nice spoilers there... Now how about you use the tag devoted to that or edit them out? :shifty:


Spoilers for KotOR 2: TSL


When posting spoilers in this forum please make use of our spoiler tag for posting hints, spoilers and anything else related to the game that could otherwise ruin the experience for someone else.



This is a sample of spoiled content! - Incorrect



This is a sample of spoiled content!

- Correct

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"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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A spoiler, is a spoiler, is a spoiler. There's just no way around it.

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