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The Quest for Glory series would be my favorite, followed by the Prince of Persia series. I don't have a favorite single game.

Its lie asking what your favorite movie or album is! It depends on what mood really!


I've never played any Quest for glory games nor the space quest shockingly since I loved so many other SIERRA games like Kings quest series, Gabriel knight Series, Phantasmagoria 1, and a police Quest game. All of which I played start to finish.


My favorite games in general are usually the test and quest type of games like ZELDA, Kings Quest, Kotor and Vampire Bloodlines. But I end up playing Unreal Tournament 2004 more then anything since its so easy to pick up any time on multiplayer. Hmmm I think my favorite game if we went on a point system would probably be Knights of the old Republic. It was amazing to me, still is quite good! A classic! :p

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