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Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada predicts the end of gaming consoles


He also predicts that browser- and social gaming will be the future.


What an idiot.


I agree with you that browser and social gaming aren't the future, but I also agree with him that Consoles are a dying breed. They're shining pretty brightly before they fade into obscurity, because the future doesn't look so bright for them.


Although browser gaming has a lot of potential. C.f. Quake Live, Google Chrome, recent advances by Google and Microsoft in producing hardware acceleration and application-level speed for 3D graphics in the browser. But that's mostly tangential.

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Generally, when big CEOs and the like say "we believe so-and-so is the future", they actually mean "we believe we can take obscene amounts of your money by investing in so-and-so."

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