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Hobbida bobbida

These abilities are useful, but there's no way to create a fully maxed-out character in Alpha Protocol. At least, not on one playthrough. (A "New Game+" option is available when playing at the hardest difficulty.) Players will have to choose their abilities wisely. Will you spend your points in conversation, or will you spend them in combat, or will you choose stealth -- opting to avoid combat altogether? The character system really emphasizes how important player choice is in the world of Alpha Protocol.

Everything we've read up to this point indicated that there was no "Replay+" option. Is this guy just confusing the Veteran mode (only acquirable through recruit, or "hardest" mode) for a replay?

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There's no conversation skill. And yes, I believe he's confusing Veteran mode with newgame+ (unless I'm woefully misinformed about something, which is always possible).


Woah... does this mean that none of the skills will be related to diplomacy and coercion? No skill checks will be made against X for success in dialog?


I had assumed that the artificial dichotomy between success and failure had been changed to a "success / greater success" scale.. not abandoned 100%.


Any word on what is in the skill tree (or whether it even is a tree)?


*eDit: Never mind, I found the full skill list..

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