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Leveling and Experience

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Some more questions regarding leveling.


Is it purely action point/skills based? As is, we don't have "levels" and Michael grows only through our talents, and things like health remain the same unless we invest in them?


Is it a combination of leveling and skills, as in Mass Effect, where Michael gains a level with health boosts in addition to our talent points?


What is the maximum number of talent points or levels we can gain?

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are enemies leveled with us? how much so on a scale from zero to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?

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We've tried a few things, but at this juncture we've got the good old "earn enough XP to gain a level, get advancement points to put into your skills" model. You mainly get XP by completing objectives and either killing/avoiding enemies (so that stealthy/avoidance players are not penalized for not killing everything). Enemies do scale in difficulty with the amount of skill that you've gained - since you can travel to any hub in any order, this is necessary to ensure that enemies are not too strong/too weak if you bounce around through the hubs.
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