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Will there be weapon silencers?

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What's new for E3? Obsidian producer Matthew Rorie demonstrated a new mission, highlighting several of Alpha Protocol's features. The context of the mission is that the player, Agent Michael Thorton, is tasked with hitting a Russian Mafiya base to destroy some missiles being stored there. Before starting the mission, Rorie shows off the character customization and the safe-house (the hub area that Thorton uses in-between missions), focusing on things like changing Thorton's appearance, allocating his skill points into assault rifle use or Technical Aptitude or Martial Arts, and even customizing individual weapons (like adding scopes, suppressors, different types of magazines, and so forth).



They pistol may not pack the most power, but with a silencer attached it can definitely become the most discrete weapon, allowing you to eliminate enemies without alerting your pursuers to your location.




Nathan has a silencer on his pistol which he gave himself before coming on this mission,



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Yes, only SMGs can be dual-wielded. Currently only pistols have silencers on them. There are a few different models of varying efficacy.


I appreciate that. I know nothing of proper weapon usage, but dual wielding pistols seems a bit too much, especially when you consider big caliber guns. Sure, Dual wielding SMGs is probably even less realistic, but we got used to it with the Matrix movies and other action movies & games.


If you start giving dual pistols to the player, then to the baddies, the whole thing starts to look like The Matrix Revolutions shootout sequence, in which EVERYONE was dual wielding EVERYTHING.


Multiple models of silencers is great.

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