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Hello Digital Desgin Artist,


I was wondering in the Obsidian Movie Clip or Flash animated Logo that was compressed by BINK. Was the animated logo done with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Adobe After Effects?


The reason for my question is, I would like to add a Starter Movie Clip and a Logo in front of my module that I am currently working on. I would like to help the NWN1 & NWN2 Community with a personal

touch of explanation of the story line in my modules, so they would feel more connected with the module.

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Hey there,


I asked around and this is what I was told the process was:


We created the elements seperately in Photoshop, then using a combination of animated original elements put them all together in After Effects. After which the clip was rendered into BINK format for compressive reasons.

Matthew Rorie

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Thanks for your responsive input. I thought the program was done in After Effects, I saw several other logos on YouTube showing awesome affects that where rendered using After Effects by Adobe. Thanks so much for your time and effort to research a answwer for my question. I really do appreciate this, Thanks.





Sir Mathis Kyngston

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