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non-PC Delaware platform version

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Will "Delaware" (whether it is or is not KOTOR 2) be developed for a current generation platform (whether it is or is not xbox), or will it be developed for a next generation platform (whether it is or is not a next generation xbox)?

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I don't really care if it's multiplatform. As long as each version is suited for the platform it's being launched on, fine with me. I just don't want the console problems to be ported to the PC version, like limiting and tiresome inventory systems.

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The game Chaser is a great example of how a graphics engine should be built. At the time I was reviewing it, I didn't know how it worked, so i reviewed the game based upon my experiences on my own computer. On my computer (that has lots of RAM) the game world seemed to be huge and never needed to load in between levels. Of course, I praised that fact. Then I played the game on a friends smaller computer and the levels were much smaller and occasionally needed to load new data. Apparently the game scaled the amount of level data being loaded at any one time so it suited the machine it was currently being played on. The worst example of console-to-PC-turning-crap syndrome I've seen so far is Deus Ex: Invisible War and that's mainly because the levels are tiny compared to Deus Ex (Ok, so it has lots of other problems too). If DX:IW had utilized the same system as Chaser it would have been able to play on an Xbox (low memory) but still not suck bigtime on the PC. This is what I hope Obsidian Entertainment does for KOTOR2 too..


Oh, and controls that use mouselook plus sharp (non-Xbox) textures would be a great thing too.. :)

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IW felt claustrophobic. Level size, and constantly asking players if they wanted to go from tiny area to tiny area were very bad. The inventory wasn't better either. I felt like i was playing a minigame everytime i wanted to do anything in it.


As for memory problems, some games in the past gave options to tweak texture quality, model polycount, and model presence in the gameworld, so similar options could be considered.

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