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Will "Aggressive" mean "Renegade"?

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So, I was just thinking about the dialogue system and I realized something - what if the "Aggressive" option comes to be equivalent to ME's "Renegade" option? For those not aware, Renegade was suppose to be "does whatever it takes," but in-game it came out as pointless dickery to your team mates, blatant racism against your comrades-in-arms, and of course, since you could accomplish missions with or without choosing Renegade, just pointless dickery overall. It didn't end up being something you used when time was tight and you weren't sure if you'd be able to do your mission without it - it ended up being something you used if you wanted to be a **** vicariously through Shephard.


Please don't let this be what the Aggressive option does, Obsidian! It would suck!

I don't post if I don't have anything to say, which I guess makes me better than the rest of your so-called "community." 8)
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Well you can at least be relieved to know that one of the dev diaries has shown that your dialog options affect your status with certain factions. Furthermore, your status with certain factions can in turn affect how you complete missions as well as their outcomes.

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Doing "what it takes" to get the job done varies depending on the situation. There isn't a uniform "get it done" personality type because sometimes the most efficient method involves paying attention to social niceties (or ignoring them).


Also, the purpose of dialogue options is to give you choices. If you just use the same option all the time because you're a "direct" character, then it isn't all that engaging as a game mechanic. Being efficient should, IMO, require thought and varying your approach to suit the situation, not pressing the win button in dialogue.


If anything, I would expect the "professional" stance to be the most straightforward. You could bypass "aggressive" entirely and just be professional until you need to do the "interrupt" option like drawing your gun or slamming his head against the table.

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