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Melee weapons vs. Lightsabers

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If I place points into Weapon Focus: Melee Weapons - does it give me a bonus to say, a vibroblade AND a lightsaber? Or just the vibroblade.


Also, if I take Weapon Focus: Melee Weapons, and then later Weapon Focus: Lightsaber, will the effects stack?

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Note that if you have Finesse Melee weapons, but not finesse Lightsabres and are duel wielding with a vibroblade and lightsabre it is possible for the to-hit number for the Vibroblade to be higher or equal to that of the sabre, even if it is held in the off hand.

This is particularly true for characters with higher DEX than STR. It is also more common towards the start of the game, when you have few or no upgrades to put in Sabres - and often those upgrades that add to the to-hit number tend to end up in the main characters sabre before anyone else's.

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BTW, Mira is a psycho! I saw somebody posting how wimpy she is and how

much trouble they had defeating the wookie down in the hideout, but

those people must have been idiots. I gave her my spare 9-42 damage

repeating blaster and with her improved close combat and improved

rapid fire she toasted that monkey in 2 bursts. On difficult settings.

Almost had me starting over to make a blaster/close combat specialist,

that was pretty damned impressive.


Now she's a Dark Jedi with Lightning as her only force power and she's

the only NPC I don't have to micromanage. It's all bappata-babbata-bap

with the blaster and the she fries em with lightning when they get

close. People must be on drugs saying she's a wimp, she could prolly

take out my main character in a computer run fight.


Too bad about the Handmaiden. She's supposed to be the love interest,

I suppose, but all she does out in the field is get knocked

unconscious a lot. And she doesn't wanna be a Jedi yet, she's still

hanging out in the cargo hold waiting for somebody to show up fore her

special kung fu classes. Bah. I had high hopes for her, but she's just

too far behind the curve now. Dunno what they were thinking... Mira

went Jedi as soon as I picked her up. WHat's his face the whining

swashbuckler went Jedi at the first stop. But the handmaiden? Hell no.

Oh well, at least she got me in to see the giant slug.


But back to my orignal off topic... Mira kicks ass. And she's funny

too. Not only that, she has valuable skills. Hell, she could play the

game herself without my main character. Mira's a wimp. Indeed. Guy

prolly equipped her with a baseball bat and had her trying to melee

the wookie.

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